Sunday, October 30, 2011

No Regrets

Today, rather than running the Marine Corps Marathon, I stood at the end of the infamous bridge and cheered, both 10K and marathon runners. I had no regrets.

I watched people hobble and grimace, and I knew I would have been one of them, if I had even made it to mile 22. I had no regrets.

I was there to help old friends and new, and thousands of strangers, when they needed it. I had no regrets.


  1. i was there on the other side!

  2. Thank you for being there Jen! I didn't get a chance for a hug, but I think it would have helped. By the time I saw you guys I just wanted the race to be over so I quickly said hi and went on my merry (aka miserable) way. :) It definitely helped knowing you guys were on the other side of that bridge though!