Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Commitment Issues

I'm having commitment issues.

The plan for along time, possibly since running it in 2010, has been to do the 2013 Disney Marathon. It's been open for a couple of months, and the price increases soon, and I haven't registered, nor can I convince myself to even go to the registration page.

2013 marks the race's 20th anniversary, and Disney has promised lots of surprises to make it special. Many good friends are already registered, and a couple will be doing it at their first full. I want to be a part of that just as others have done for me over time.

But, the thought of starting marathon training in a couple of months and then doing the race itself has little to no appeal. While I know the race experience itself would be great, I also know it would be a long long day. My best marathon was over 6 hours. This would likely would be, too.

Running right now feels like requires alot of effort as it is. Physically, I feel awful. Dealing with an injury for 4 months helped pack back on about twenty pounds and lose muscle tone. I feel rolly polly, and race pics don't hide that either. My runs and gym workouts only remind me of the conditioning I've lost.

Yes, part of it is fear that my plantar fasciitis will flair up again. I do still feel discomfort in my foot, but fortunately I have not had any of the pain and cramping that I did last year.

Since MCM was a local race, the only financial loss for me was about $100 for the registration and associated fees. If something were to happen while training for Disney, it would be significantly more. Registration is $150 (if I do it sooner rather than later to get the "early" price), and airfare could be $300 or more based on recent costs.

So, while I haven't completely ruled it out, I think it's safe to see where I'm leaning.

While the marathon itself is not appealing, focusing on me and getting back into "fighting shape" is. I feel like I need to take that motivation and run with it instead, pun intended, lol, and focus on good training for the Annapolis Ten Miler and a couple of fall half marathons.