Sunday, November 29, 2009

40 days and counting

40 days to go til race day....WOW!

Training has been chugging along and been mostly uneventful. Early in the month I took part in the inaugural Gynecological Cancer Foundation half marathon in Washington, D.C. This was my 4th half, and unlike the others, I did not train specifically for it, but rather used it as training run for a larger goal.

The following weekend was my biggest test to first 20 mile training run. As seems typical with many of my runs, it started off with rain. Fortunately it didn't stick around for too long. Katie was with me for support, and we enjoyed Kelly's company for awhile, too. At the end, I found myself ready for more...maybe not another 6.2, but easily another mile or two.

With that first 20 under my belt, I feel like anything is achievable now! And in 40 days I'll have a medal around my neck as a reminder of that.

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